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The traditional way of developing applications uses sequential phases where most of the work in one phase is completed before starting the next one. Experience has taught us that this rigid and bureaucratic way inhibits us from delivering applications at the speed needed and required of present day businesses. This is the reason why LST decided to implement and adopt a better way Ė the extreme way, provided by Extreme Programming (XP).

Ken Beck created XP as a methodology that is effective for projects with ambiguous or rapidly changing requirements. Since change is an inevitable reality in any software development effort, XP deals effectively and positively with change. This methodology values communication, feedback, simplicity and courage to accelerate the pace at which solutions are delivered

Overall, XP provides a basis for mutual trust and commitment from both the customers and developers, each empowered to make decisions they are most capable of making: customers make the business decisions while developers make the technical decisions.

The use of this methodology has benefited not only LST but also our customers and ultimately, their businesses as well.

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