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Equant N.Y. signed an agreement with a U.S. nationwide store chain for the establishment of a worldwide network and IT systems installation and maintenance. As a result of this deal, Equant decided to sub-contract part of the project to LST.

Equant was to set up Local Area Networks in the store chainís worldwide offices, together with the necessary office and application systems. The LANs are an integrated part of the worldwide Wide Area Network that was also being established. In the Philippines, the client wanted to set-up a purchasing office, with less than twenty finance, administrative and purchasing staff. There were to be no experienced IT people in the office.

The IT LAN system for the Philippines office is composed of thirteen work stations with printers and other peripherals. The LAN was to be connected to the worldwide WAN of the store chain.

The services required of LST included planning and design, site survey and preparation, IT systems staging and installation, user training, and maintenance and support. Equant communicated initial system requirements, determined by the store chain, to LST. These were subsequently refined based on the local environment and requirements. The design and plan, including the budget, were finalized between LST and Equant, which LST subsequently implemented.

The IT systems were installed and are currently being maintained by LST, without any Equant personnel having to visit the Philippines. This resulted in substantial savings to Equant, and of course the end user store chain. LST not only provided the technical expertise in the IT systems staging and installation, but also the knowledge required for local implementation.